I’m a graphic/media designer who is passionate about creating bold and functional designs that provoke thought, comment and action.

What do I do? 

I collaborate with non profits, community organizations and arts organizations, as well as corporations. I create materials with longevity in mind: annual reports and campaign collateral that develop awareness, spark interest, and have a powerful impact. 

My role as a designer is to act as a creative filter. Through observation and a critical eye I approach each new project as an opportunity for innovation, to create practical visual solutions that are meaningful and precisely functional.



For over ten years I have specialized in nonprofit marketing and communications, working with forward-thinking clients and organizations to support community development and cultural initiatives.

As a strategic thinker with a passion for design, I approach each project as an opportunity for innovation and have demonstrated leadership and significant project management experience, ensuring thoughtful processes and high-quality results, for numerous campaigns, resources and events.